The Cafe in the Woods


The Cafe in the Woods

Imagine drinking bitter coffee with a warm tasty chiffon cake on the table and holding an interesting book that you picked from the shelf.You can do this at my grandma’s cafe. She renovated the old house and turned it into a neat and wonderfully built cafe.

As you step into the cafe, you will see cream colored walls, and wooden pillars. Nearby the entrance and the kitchen, there are stairs, one leading up to the hotel for the visitors. The other is for the attic where people can watch movies. The floor shines with the gold color of the sun. It reflects off the wall and nearby shelves. In the cafe floats the good smell of curry, fresh vegetables and baked cakes. You will be relaxed once you sit and sip your coffee or tea. You can forget the time and have your own space.

Near the entrance there is an old-fashioned cash register, and a basket of fresh vegetables. These are from the garden of my grandparents. They picked them in the morning. Next to the vegetables is the CD player and stacks of different kinds of CDs from classic to pop. Sometimes the CD player will be switched to the radio. While listening to the music or radio, you can choose books from the shelves next to the vegetable stand. They have books of science, books about pets and catalogs. You will have a great time looking over the books, but look at your toes. There is a stuffed boar that looks as if it’s ready to chase you! The boar is actually soft and cozy to touch.

The chairs and the tables are in the middle of the room. On the table there is a tiny basket filled with candy. You can eat them while waiting for your food. The chairs are colorful with brown, pink and green. There are about 10 of them.

Smell the air. You can smell the curry. If you followed the smell and went straight you would see a white kitchen. The kitchen is pure white and the refrigerator is as white as the kitchen. You can see grandma working and smiling. There is a big window making the kitchen sparkle like the stars. There are stairs near the kitchen. They are white and have a good looking hand grip. It will lead you to the attic where you can see a movie or a presentation.

On the opposite side of the book shelves is the shaved ice cream machine for summer, and a tank filled with the water. The water comes from the mountain near the house. In summer, you can hear the shaved ice machine working rapidly to create good and soft shaved ice for you. Once you eat it, the taste of the ice comes. Then you can taste the flavor that you picked. The flavors are strawberry, lemon and melon. You can have your favorite flavor with condensed milk. The ice is as soft as snow. You can’t stop eating the shaved ice cream at my grandma’s cafe during the summer.

If you want to stay at my grandma’s cafe, you can! There are brown stairs near the entrance that were described earlier. If you go up, there are several rooms for the guests. Once you stay, you can experience what it is like to be a farmer. You can plant seeds, pick vegetables or even ride on a tractor! Your day will be organized when you stay at the hotel. It will be a long ride to my grandma’s cafe but it’s worth going.

January 2nd ,2019